Design Chandeliers

The chandeliers designed by Abate Zanetti are the result of collaborations between our School of Glass and renowned designers, the new frontier of furniture for those who want to make their homes a work of unique and unrepeatable art. Designed to be an integral part of the project of style, adapt to more complex solutions giving a one-of-a-kind character with which to emphasize their homes.


Modern Chandeliers

The modern chandeliers represent the natural evolution in the design of the lighting designed by Abate Zanetti for furnishing solutions that combine the classical object with the style of our times. The classic forms are updated with the patterns of minimalism, simplifying their lines without losing the recognizable style Muranese.

Special pieces for those who want to focus on the detail and uniqueness of their own home.


Classic Chandeliers

The classic chandeliers are a tribute to the millenary tradition of Muranese glassmaking: they recover canonical styles in their shapes and decorations, Abate Zanetti accompanies the historical examples of the “Ca ‘Rezzonico” models into the modern era, embellishing them with details and technologies of the twenty-first century.

All our products are equipped with LED lighting, a development that adds luminous quality and environmental friendliness thanks to reduced energy consumption.

The splendor of the nineteenth century style for furnishing solutions of luxury without limits.